I can’t reach my VELUX window


In all our time repairing and replacing VELUX windows, one thing we see very regularly are windows that are too high up.

We’ve visited clients who’ve moved into properties with VELUX windows and just assumed that their VELUX doesn’t even open because ‘why would someone install an openable VELUX window that you can’t reach?’

Lots of VELUX get installed in odd ways. Whilst a VELUX that you can’t reach isn’t going to cause any problems from a structural or roof standpoint, and may even be optimal for natural light, it irks us to see premium windows that people can’t even use.

So what do you do if your VELUX windows are too high to reach? Fortunately, there are options.

Telescopic rod

One is a simple telescopic rod. These are made by VELUX themselves for exactly this purpose. They range from about 1 to 2 metres, and hook onto the handle of your VELUX so that you can yank them down. They can also hook onto VELUX blinds.

They’re a nice little tool, but they’re not our recommended solution.

Firstly, they help with pulling the window open, but it’s still fiddly to shut the window again afterwards.

velux rod high window can't reach

VELUX telescopic rods can open high up windows, but they’re not the ideal solution.

Secondly, they only work with certain centre-pivot VELUX windows (the GGL and GGU range). These are the most common VELUX available, but it means that they don’t suit every solution.

Finally, because they’re designed for centre pivot windows, they’re actually not as helpful as you might think. The handles for VELUX centre pivot windows are at the top of the window, meaning that you don’t just need to reach your window but you need to reach the very top of your window.

Convert to remote control window

VELUX have launched a range of windows called INTEGRA that feature remote control opening systems. They are solar powered, so they’re always packing enough energy to open and close easily. For those VELUX windows that you can’t reach, INTEGRA will make it easy to open and close at the touch of a button.

However, you probably don’t want to replace a perfectly good window. Well, here’s the some good news. A lot of our customers don’t realise that they don’t need fancy new VELUX INTEGRA windows installed to use remote control opening. It’s possible to upgrade older VELUX models too.

We can install a conversion kit which turns traditional VELUX windows into a solar powered and remote operated window. We can do this for windows dating as far back as the mid-1980s… so there’s a good chance we’ll be able to do it for yours!

solar powered energy on velux integra window out of reach

Many new VELUX models have remote control opening with solar powered energy sources. Fortunately, we can install conversion kits onto existing windows to make them remote operated too.

Automate your VELUX

You can take things to the next level with VELUX’s new smart home technology. This is built in partnership with lead home automation company, Netatmo. It’s currently only available with VELUX INTEGRA windows, which are the remote controlled and operated windows – but if you’re looking to install those because you can’t reach your current VELUX windows, this takes things to another level.

velux roof window automation

Automated VELUX ACTIVE windows that use Netatmo systems can control the internal climate of your home to maximise comfort… and you never have to struggle to reach them!

You can actively monitor your home’s environment via an app, and sensors around the window as well as live weather data. It takes VELUX from being about roof windows to being a company that focuses on optimising your home environment for comfort, health and happiness.

Whilst this is a bit of a ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ situation if your issue is simply that you can’t reach your VELUX window because it’s too high, if you’re considering upgrading or replacing then this will solve that issue and optimise your home environment.

Let’s talk about VELUX

VELUX are fantastic products, and should only provide joy to your home. They won’t do that if you can’t reach the handle, or you’re forever standing on chairs to reach them.

Sussex Roof Windows are a VELUX Certified Installer – the highest accreditation available for VELUX installation. We can help you find a solution that means you maximise the value that a skylight should offer your home. If you’re interested in smart home technology, we can talk you through that too.

Simply get in contact and we’ll go from there.