How disruptive is a VELUX installation?


Something that is regularly asked of us, yet often surprises customers, is just how little impact and disruption getting a VELUX installed can have. Assuming a standard house and roof with easy access, our average installation time is typically just one day.

The biggest bit of good news for most people is that in nearly all cases we can install a VELUX without any scaffolding needed. The job can be performed from within the house and specialist roof access is rarely needed.

At Sussex Roof Windows, we do our utmost to ensure the process around this is as smooth as possible. We put together a clear consultation and plan for the installation, and once everything is installed and ready to use, we do a full clear-up so you wouldn’t even have known we were there (other than seeing the gorgeous new VELUX window that’s been installed). Other building firms, roofing companies, and VELUX installers talk about being responsible ‘on-site’… but we know that to you it’s not a building site – it’s your home! And we look after your home as we would look after our own.

dirty velux window obscuring a nice view

Whether it’s a full installation or a window replacement, at Sussex Roof Windows we aim to make the process as smooth as possible – both in the run-up to the installation and on the day of the install too.

In the run-up to your installation

The difference between a smooth install and a disruptive one is communication in the run-up to your installation.

A window fitting company like Sussex Roof Windows that provides detailed consultations, accurate quotations, and plenty of up-front information can make the whole experience a breeze. By contrast, of course, a company that fails to provide accurate quotations and misinforms you about everything from installation dates to product specifics can make the experience feel like a nightmare.

As ever, we highly recommend working with VELUX Certified Installers – they have been certified and accredited by VELUX themselves as having the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

What to expect on installation day

The day itself can be a little more impactful, but a good VELUX installation company will do everything it can to keep the disruption to a minimal level.

Issues that you can expect to deal with include:

  • Noise: The installation can be noisy, with drills and hammers doing their thing. There’s little way around this, unfortunately.
  • Debris and mess: however, a great VELUX installation company (like Sussex Roof Windows!) will clean up after the job is done.
  • Exposure to outside: during the installation, there will be some points where there’s exposure to the outside – but we aim to keep this time to a minimum.
  • Rearranging the room: sometimes we’ll need to push some furniture around and create an accessible space.
drilling noisy and disruptive into a wall

Sadly, some noise and disruption can’t be avoided during a VELUX installation – but we aim to keep the mess to a minimum.

Additional issues that can cause disruption

There can be a few outlier cases where there are additional issues and disruption. A few issues that can impact upon the day include:

  • Weather: the best-laid plans of mice and VELUX window installers can go awry when the weather isn’t playing ball. Bad weather conditions mean that we may need to call off the job temporarily or alter the dates. As you can probably expect, this is more common in winter months!
  • Limited access: not every house is built the same, and more quirky designs or unusual builds can have limited access to the roof. In rare cases, we may need to utilise scaffolding to do the job. This can add time and costs to the project – but we always let you know during our initial consultation.
  • Choice of window: one big assumption is that you’re using a standard VELUX installation. However, there are additional VELUX products and some of them can be more difficult to install. For example, it will take longer and be more disruptive to install a VELUX Roof Balcony system.


A simpler task than you might have thought

For 90% of readers, installing a VELUX will probably be easier than you anticipated. No scaffolding is required, and the job is completed in a single day… bish, bash, bosh – as they say! There are a few issues that can impact this, but overall, you should done and dusted with minimal fuss. Actually, more accurately speaking, we’ll have dusted before leaving… but you get the picture.

Find out how quickly we can get your VELUX installed by dropping us a message today.