VELUX Installation by professionals

A VELUX window is only as good as its installation…

A VELUX window is only as good as its installation and a bad installation will dramatically reduce the life of the product as well as voiding the warranty and worst of all could cause untold damage to your home.

At Sussex Roof Windows, quality of installation is at our core. Our aim is that every VELUX installation, replacement or repair is carried out to the same high standard.

Being one of only a few VELUX Certified Installer in Sussex is testament to our commitment to delivering this quality and guaranteeing our clients a premium quality installation of their VELUX windows and accessories

VELUX Certified Installer- What it means

Whilst VELUX windows can be installed by any company, only a select few around the country are deemed to be VELUX Certified Installers. This accreditation is a direct seal of approval from the UK’s leading rooflight and loft window manufacturers. VELUX themselves actively push and promote for you to use a VELUX Certified Installer, because they are companies that VELUX trusts.

The process of becoming a VELUX Certified Installer is extremely thorough and rigorous. It requires a detailed history of the company and their work, including:

  • Thorough examination of the company’s trading and financial records
  • Guarantees and provision of key policies and public liability insurance
  • Detailed credit checks to examine the financial health of the company
  • References and testimonials from previous customers and clients
  • On-site inspections to ensure work is carried out to very high levels

For full details, take a look at the VELUX Certified Installer code of practice found on the VELUX website.

Why hire a VELUX Certified Installer?

Installation of VELUX windows requires expertise and precision to get right. If not done right it could cause damage to your home. Choose an installer you can trust to do the job perfectly.