VELUX Window Repairs and Replacements for Lancing

We are Lancing’s Leading VELUX Certified Installer

Experiencing problems with your VELUX windows?

At Sussex Roof Windows, we’ve been installing VELUX skylight and rooflight windows for over 15 years with our custom loft conversions. We can attest that VELUX windows are the highest quality in the business. However, even VELUX are prone to problems and issues occasionally. At times, they’ll need repairs or even replacing. When it comes to getting your VELUX repaired or replaced, look for a VELUX Certified Installer like Sussex Roof Windows.

These are companies that have been accredited by VELUX, and received exclusive training directly from them. Simply put, there’s no higher accreditation for VELUX repairs and replacements.

All of our work on your windows is fast, non-disruptive, and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Problems you might experience with your VELUX windows

There are two major reasons why problems with VELUX windows occur:

  1. Bad installations for recent windows
  2. Old windows have deteriorated

We will make recommendations for repairs or replacements. Some of the common issues our clients are experiencing include…

  • Wind and draughts getting in through the windows.
  • Excessive amounts of condensation and water vapour forming on the windows.
  • Water leaks around the window, which can also damage masonry and walls.
  • Stiff and aged gaskets meaning that the window is clunky and difficult to open.
  • Numerous other reasons why the VELUX window may not be opening.
  • Poor insulation from the windows resulting in energy waste.
  • Deteriorated and flimsy seals which means the window never fully shuts.
  • Other stiff mechanisms which mean that the window won’t close.
  • Cracks in the window pane.
  • Discolouration to the window or frame.

Sounding familiar? We can have these problems, and others, sorted quickly.

Fixing your VELUX windows in Lancing

Typically, customers we work with in Lancing will seek repairs and replacements based on the following issues.

Repairing a bad VELUX installation

If your VELUX window has only been installed recently and is showing problems, then it’s likely to be because of a bad installation. As a VELUX Certified Installer, we’ll be able to repair this and reinstall correctly.

Replacing old skylight and VELUX windows

VELUX are of premium quality, but after many years it can be advisable to replace them rather than repair them if problems occur. We’ll be able to assess whether repairs or replacement are the best course of action.

Replacing VELUX for new technology

VELUX consistently roll out fantastic new technologies bringing comfort to your home. You may choose to replace your VELUX windows to take advantage of some of the new tech available.

Offering free quotes in Lancing

We offer all customers free estimates on repairing or replacing their VELUX windows. We can often provide these quickly with just a few photos and a model number. Unlike some of our competitors, we will always visit your home before providing you with a final fixed quote. That gives you peace of mind, and means that there won’t be any nasty shocks or surprises.

Choosing Sussex Roof Windows for your Lancing VELUX repairs and replacements

With hundreds of VELUX windows installed over the last 15 years, and VELUX Certified Installer status, you can be assured of the highest quality work. You might be just be surprised how quick and non-disruptive our work is too. VELUX repairs and replacements can be done within a few hours, and rarely require scaffolding.

New VELUX technologies

Some of our customers in Lancing ask us about other loft windows, such as Roto, Keylite and FENSTRO. We choose to work with VELUX for a simple reason: their windows are the best in the business. What’s more, they are rolling out some fantastic new technologies to enhance your home. These include…

  • New insulation materials that are more energy efficient.
  • Quality glazing and glass to allow more natural light into your home.
  • Electronic and remote opening systems.
  • Customisation options for a range of style choices.
  • Environmental sensors which adjust airflow and humidity.
  • Full smart home technology to manage your comfort at home.