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Upgrade to brand new technologies from VELUX

As VELUX Certified Installers, we get access to the latest and greatest VELUX products from their line. If you’re looking at upgrading your VELUX in 2024, here are a few of the new technologies and products that are now available through Sussex Roof Windows.

VELUX’s new products can help bring quality of life improvements to existing windows, and allow for new windows to be installed in previously inaccessible locations in your house.

velux installation flashing

PRO+ Flashing Set

Flashing is essentially the materials that integrate your VELUX windows to your roof, and ensure that the whole installation is weather. This is the most advanced Flashing that VELUX has ever produced. Not only is it completely watertight, but it’s also got high levels of insulation and is designed for long-lasting performance.

Sussex Roof Windows can integrate this flashing into your next VELUX installation or upgrade, ensuring that you have the highest degree of weatherproof materials built into and around your new window.

VELUX Low Pitch Window

Low-pitch roofs are very common in the UK. Whilst traditional roofs are pitched at around 40-50°, you’ll find many UK homes feature roofs (particularly on extensions) that are built at around 10-20° pitch.

VELUX is now providing specialist windows specifically for low-pitch roofs. These can transform a single-storey home extension by bringing daylight and fresh air in with ease. As with all VELUX windows, the product is designed to be totally watertight and features glass-to-edge technology which provides a seamless and aesthetic installation.

To reassure you about how weatherproof these windows are, they have been tested in northern Europe’s largest wind tunnel for wind and water resistance.

low pitch velux windows
2in1 velux windows

2in1 VELUX Windows

Double the daylight and airflow into your home with these gorgeous new 2in1 VELUX Window installations. Ideal for rooms of all sizes, but is particularly fantastic for bringing new life into a home office or workspace.

These consist of a single frame which is installed with two windows, both of which can operate independently and can be opened separately or together.

They’re highly cost-effective, as they only require a single installation, and are compatible with multiple products for insulation as well as VELUX blinds. 

VELUX Touch Control and App

Do away with manually opening your VELUX windows by integrating VELUX Touch or the VELUX App. Both of these can be integrated with many existing windows, and can also be added to new installations.

We’ll talk to you about the best digital pairing methods for your home depending on your needs.

 We can also integrate NETATMO – VELUX’s specialised smart home technology which can automatically adapt your window’s positioning dependent on outdoor conditions and weather.

velux touch control

Installing VELUX Upgrades

Whether you are looking to install a new VELUX window or upgrade existing ones, Sussex Roof Windows can make a full assessment and advise which upgrades you’ll be able to add to your windows. Drop us a message for a consultation.