Commercial VELUX Installations

Get VELUX installations for schools, hospitals, universities, business buildings, restaurants and more. We are VELUX Certified Installers and TrustMark accredited.

commercial velux installation on a warehouse

VELUX makes a difference to staff, customers, and clients

VELUX’s groundbreaking skylights really do make a difference in commercial settings. From improving overall light in an area, to increasing airflow and even staff morale. Here are a few reasons to consider skylight installations in business and commercial settings. Here are a few of the organisations we’ve installed VELUX windows in.


  • Retailers: Retailers may install VELUX skylights to enhance the shopping experience by introducing natural light, and improving store design.
  • Hospitals: can improve natural lighting, fostering a more positive and healing environment for patients.
  • Restaurants: can create a more inviting dining atmosphere with natural light, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Schools and universities: creates a more conducive environment for learning, and natural light improves student focus.
  • Co-working spaces: more productive and appealing environments, and ensure fantastic presentation for customers.

Why Choose VELUX for your business?

VELUX is a premium roof window brand and is synonymous with quality. Installing VELUX windows can give your organisation an edge in multiple ways, from better staff morale, to better customer experiences, and energy saving efficiencies.-

energy saving velux businesses

Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency due to natural sunlight, reducing the need for other lighting and temperature controls. This can lead to an improvement in overall ESG targets.

better ventilation velux


Improved airflow and ventilation in and around commercial buildings. This also reduces reliance on systems like air conditioning.

velux better aesthetics


Aesthetic appeal is increased, with a 2009 study even showing that customers in retail settings purchased more as a result of skylights improving the design of stores.

morale and wellbeing velux

Morale and wellbeing

Better health and wellbeing outcomes for staff and people, and better morale. Studies have shown that improvements in natural light can boost mood and reduce eye strain.

velux interior design

Design thinking

They can lead to better designs for spaces, enabling effective use of light to highlight products or environments.

shop investment retail space

Property improvements

Better property values, and commercial tenants and buyers have shown a preference for buildings with VELUX skylights installed.

commercial velux equipment hire

The process for installation in industrial, commercial, and public buildings.

Get in touch

Through this website or via email is the best way.

Detailed Consultation:

Carried out by our surveyor at your business. VELUX offer a huge range of products, so let us take the hassle out of navigating your way through it. During consultation, we will discuss the specific options available to you in your business and help you make an informed choice.

Full Quotations or tenders:

Our quotations are not vague and leave nothing out. Following your consultation you will receive your quotation via email. We are of course on hand to answer any questions you may have and once you are ready to proceed you can easily accept our quotation with the click of a button.

Keeping you informed:

Following your acceptance of a quotation a deposit will be required for the ordering of your VELUX products. As your order progresses and products are ordered, we will keep you informed and will arrange a suitable installation date with you.

Installation Day:

Our team will arrive at the agreed time and carry out the installation with minimal disruption to your business and operations. Having carried out hundreds of VELUX installations, we are very skilled in our work and pride ourselves on our smooth installations. If you have any questions or concerns, our team are always there to help.

We will also hire in any required equipment depending on the complexity of the job.

Once installation is complete, we will demonstrate your new VELUX products and answer any questions you may have before leaving your business clean and tidy.

On-Going Support:

We are sure that you will have years of trouble free enjoyment of your VELUX products but if, for any reason, you need us, we will also be happy to provide any assistance you may need.