VELUX Repairs and Service

Experiencing problems with your VELUX windows?

At Sussex Roof Windows, we’ve been installing VELUX skylight and rooflight windows for many years and can attest to their high quality and long life. However, even the best products can experience issues occasionally. At times, they’ll need a repair or even replacement. 

When it comes to getting your VELUX repaired or replaced, look for a VELUX Certified Installer like Sussex Roof Windows. Sussex Roof Windows have been accredited by VELUX, work closely with VELUX and receive exclusive training. Simply put, there’s no higher accreditation for VELUX repairs and replacements.

Problems you might experience with your VELUX windows

There are two major reasons why problems with VELUX windows occur:

  1. Incorrect installation.
  2. Deterioration of older windows.

We can make recommendations for repairs or replacements. Some of the common issues include…

  • Wind and draughts getting in through the windows.
  • Water leaks around the window, which can also damage masonry and walls.
  • Stiff and aged gaskets meaning that the window is clunky and difficult to open.
  • Deteriorated seals which leads to water ingress.
  • Other stiff mechanisms which mean that the window won’t close.
  • Cracks in the window pane.
  • Issues with VELUX INTEGRA solar powered or electric windows.
  • Issues with VELUX controllers.

Sounding familiar? We can have these problems, and others, sorted quickly.

Repairing a bad VELUX installation

If your VELUX window has only been installed recently and is showing problems, then it’s likely to be because of a bad installation. As a VELUX Certified Installer, we’ll be able to repair this and reinstall correctly.

Replacing old skylight and VELUX windows

VELUX are of premium quality, but after many years it can be advisable to replace them rather than repair them if problems occur. We’ll be able to assess whether repairs or replacement are the best course of action.

Replacing VELUX for new technology

VELUX consistently roll out fantastic new technologies bringing comfort to your home. You may choose to replace your VELUX windows to take advantage of some of the new tech available.

Need a repair Call Out?

We are happy to arrange a visit to diagnose and repair (if possible) any issue you may have.
It is always worth emailing us with your issue in the first instance and if a call out is necessary, it can be arranged.

Our call out charges:

Initial visit- £120 plus VAT.
This covers the first hour of work/investigation within a 20 mile radius of Brighton and Hove.
Many issues can be solved within the hour between ourselves and the VELUX technical department which we have access to on the phone.

Additional hours are £45 plus vat per hour.

If the issue is not able to be resolved, for example if a part is required or a replacement window is needed, we will credit 50% of the callout charges against those costs.