VELUX Replacement Service

Time to replace your older roof windows?

A properly installed VELUX window will last in excess of 20 years, but when the time comes to change it, Sussex Roof Windows offer a very easy, hassle free replacement service.


Replacements are carried out in one day.


In most cases without scaffold.


No plastering and minimal making good required.


Building regulations certificate included.


Large range of replacement options available including smart home integration.


Quick quotes and short lead times

Our VELUX replacement service- Whats included…

  • Full, in person, consultations to make sure you are able to select the right VELUX products for your home.
  • Detailed Quotations- Nothing left out and no surprises.
  • Roofing- One of the most important aspects to any VELUX installation is the connection between the roofing material and the VELUX product to ensure its long lifespan. We are able to carry out installations in almost all roofing materials commonly used in the UK.
  • Supply and installation of VELUX blinds if required.
  • Warrantees- Our VELUX windows and installations come with a 10 Year insurance backed guarantee. (some exclusions apply)
  • If your current window is not a VELUX, no problem, we can replace many other brands with a new VELUX window.

Why Choose VELUX for your roof window replacement?

VELUX is a premium roof window brand, and is synonymous with quality. Sure, there are other roof window products out there, but we choose to work with VELUX alone for a number of reasons:

VELUX windows are the best in quality by a long way.

VELUX have fantastic customisation options, allowing you to alter colours, sizes, finishes and more.

A well-installed VELUX will last for decades (and for your peace of mind we provide a 10 year guarantee on VELUX work).

VELUX are releasing a range of new technologies, such as high quality insulation materials and smart home technology.

The VELUX Certified Installers scheme ensures you get premium service from VELUX, end-to-end.

Interested in a VELUX replacement?
Here’s how we work…

Get in touch

Through this website or via email is the best way.

Detailed Consultation

Carried out by our surveyor in your home or business. Velux offer a huge range of products, so let us take the hassle out of navigating your way through it. During consultation, we will discuss the specific options available to you in your home or business and help you make an informed choice.

Detailed Quotations:

Our quotations are not vague and leave nothing out. Following your consultation you will receive your quotation via email. We are of course on hand to answer any questions you may have and once you are ready to proceed you can easily accept our quotation with the click of button.

Keeping you informed:

Following your acceptance of a quotation a deposit will be required for the ordering of your VELUX products. As your order progresses and products are ordered, we will keep you informed and will arrange a suitable installation date with you.

Installation Day:

Our team will arrive at the agreed time and carry out the installation with minimal disruption to you and your home. Having carried out hundreds of VELUX installations, we are very skilled in our work and pride ourselves on our smooth installations. If you have any questions or concerns, our team are always there to help.

Once installation is complete, we will demonstrate your new VELUX products and answer any question you may have before leaving your home clean and tidy.

On-Going Support:

We are sure that you will have years of trouble free enjoyment of your VELUX products but if, for any reason, you need us, we will also be happy to provide any assistance you may need.

The latest VELUX technology

Some customers choose to replace their VELUX windows sooner to take advantage of fantastic new technologies that VELUX are rolling out. We’re happy to talk you through the new options you have for your VELUX. A few of these new VELUX technologies include…

  • Insulation technology and materials, which keep your home warmer and prevent energy waste
  • Fantastic new customisation options which allow you to choose colour, finish, glazing, sizes and more to make your window unique
  • High quality glass, which allows more daylight and natural light into your home
  • Environmental functions and features, giving better sun-screening and ventilation to your home
  • Electronic and remote opening systems, so you can have your windows open at the touch of a button
  • Smart home technology which means your windows will manage light, air flow, humidity, and more to give you even more comfort at home