VELUX repairs and replacements in Brighton & Hove

From a VELUX Certified Installer

It’s easier than you think

With free quotes, quick and non-disruptive installation, and a 10 year guarantee on all work done, Sussex Roof Windows is Brighton & Hove’s leading VELUX installer, making replacements easy.

You can trust us, with hundreds of VELUX installations completed across the city, and we’re one of Brighton & Hove’s only VELUX Certified Installers.

Does your VELUX Window need repairing or replacing?

VELUX Windows are hands down the highest quality rooflight and skylight windows on the market, boasting lifespans of many years, even with constant use, when correctly installed.

Despite this exceptional quality, they may at times need repairing or replacing. There are a number of issues that can occur and you may be experiencing some of the following problems with your VELUX windows.

  • Draughts coming through the windows.
  • Leaks or water residue forming.
  • Excessive condensation on the windows.
  • Faulty gaskets affecting opening and closing.
  • Poor insulation leading to energy wastage and ineffective temperature control.
  • Broken seals around the window meaning it cannot be closed properly.
  • Stiff mechanisms preventing you from opening the window easily.

If you’ve got any of the above problems with your VELUX Windows, it doesn’t have to be that way! It could be time for a repair or replacement.

Fixing your VELUX windows in Brighton & Hove

Typically, customers we work with in Brighton & Hove will seek repairs and replacements based on the following issues.

Fixing a recent VELUX Window installation

If you’ve only recently installed your VELUX Windows and they’re showing any of the issues above, the problem is likely caused by bad installation. VELUX rooflights are extremely high quality, but that doesn’t speak for your installers! Always look for VELUX Certified Installers (like Sussex Roof Windows).

Replacing an older VELUX Window

VELUX Windows can still degrade over time, and they can come to a point where they fall beyond economical repair. This can be because guarantees on work have come to an end, or because replacement parts can become expensive. After some time, it becomes more cost effective to replace the window.

Why else you might want to replace a VELUX Window

Many customers in Brighton are choosing to replace their VELUX Windows before they fall into a state of disrepair. That’s because VELUX offers some fantastic upgrades to your current windows.

Get an estimate for repairs or replacements

For replacements, we can get an estimate over quickly from a few photos and a model number. Unlike many Brighton & Hove competitors, we’ll *always* do a site visit for your final fixed quote – that way, there’s never any nasty surprises.

Why Sussex Roof Windows are the best in Brighton & Hove for VELUX installations

As Brighton & Hove’s leading premium custom loft conversion, quality is everything to us. That goes for our VELUX installations too.

Why we only work with VELUX Windows

Truthfully, VELUX are the only provider that we’re confident with. Every single loft we’ve designed and built has used VELUX windows. Whilst we’re aware of other products such as Roto and Keylight, VELUX are far superior – anyone who has ever installed one or who has one in their home will attest to that.

About New VELUX Products

You may also choose to upgrade and update your VELUX windows before your current ones have fallen into disrepair. VELUX are always bringing innovation to their product range, and their latest windows have…

  • Better insulation to keep your home warm
  • An increased range of choices on sizes, finishes, glazing and colouring.
  • Increased ability to let in daylight and natural sunlight.
  • Environmental and climate controlling functions, allowing for further ventilation or sun-screening.
  • Electric and motorised opening, allowing you to open the window at a touch of a button.
  • Automation and smart home technology that manages light, ventilation, and humidity for you.