Repairs and replacements for VELUX in Shoreham

Shoreham’s VELUX Certified Installer

VELUX Problems? We’re here to help

Sussex Roof Windows has been installing VELUX windows in and around the Shoreham area for over a decade. With hundreds of installations completed and VELUX Certified Installer status, we understand VELUX. We also understand what to do when things go wrong with them.

We are trained and work directly with VELUX to ensure you’re happy with your windows, and we offer 10-year guarantees on all of our VELUX work.
Most VELUX repairs and replacements can be completed within a single day, and rarely require scaffolding.


What problems you might experience with VELUX

Whilst VELUX are the best rooflight and skylight windows available, they can still be prone to problems. These typically arise from either a) bad installation or b) age. Problems may include…

  • Wind, gusts, and draughts getting in through your windows.
  • Large levels of condensation and moisture forming on the windows.
  • Waters leaks surrounding the windows, damaging the masonry and walls.
  • Stiff, clunky, and aged gaskets meaning that you cannot open the windows easily.
  • Issues with the window that prevent it from opening.
  • Poor insulation which results in energy and heating waste.
  • Seals that have deteriorated meaning that the window won’t fully close.
  • Other mechanisms becoming stiff and clunky.
  • Cracks to the window panes.
  • Discolouration to the frame and/or the windows.

Sounding familiar to you? We should be able to repair or replace your VELUX quickly and efficiently.

VELUX work we do in Shoreham

When we undertake VELUX repairs and replacements in Shoreham, it’s typically for the following reasons.

Repairing bad VELUX installations

VELUX are long last products. If your VELUX window has only recently been installed and is having problems, it’s likely because the installation was of poor quality. We can repair bad installations.

Replacing old skylight windows

If you have an old VELUX, skylight or rooflight window, then problems may be down to age. We can replace your window with a new one.

Replacing VELUX for new technology

VELUX are rolling out new technology rapidly. This includes new customisation features, better insulation, and electronic opening mechanisms. You may wish to replace your VELUX in favour of new tech.

Estimates and quotes for VELUX work in Shoreham

We are able to offer free estimates to our customers in Shoreham simply by requesting a few photos and a model number from you. We won’t set a final quote until we’ve visited your home, however. Unlike some of our competitors, we prefer to give you a final price with no surprises.

Why Sussex Roof Windows are the best in Shoreham for VELUX

We’ve been doing loft conversions in and around Shoreham for over a decade now. In that time, we’ve also installed hundreds of VELUX windows. We’re a VELUX Certified Installer, which means VELUX themselves trust us with their product. Simply put, our work is to the highest standards.

Bringing VELUX innovation to Shoreham

Some of our Shoreham customers have previously enquired about other rooflight and skylight products such as Roto, Keylite, and FENSTRO. We choose to work solely with VELUX for a simple reason – they are the best rooflight products available, bar none.

We’re also thrilled to be rolling out the fantastic new range of technologies exclusively available from VELUX, including…

  • Fantastic new insulation options which keep your home warm and energy efficient.
  • New glass and materials allowing for maximum natural daylight.
  • Remote and electronic opening systems, allowing the windows to open at the touch of a button.
  • High levels of customisation with finishes, colour schemes and more.
  • Effective environmental systems which provide optimal airflow and humidity in your home.
  • Groundbreaking new smart home technologies which moderate the windows to optimise your wellbeing.