VELUX Window Repairs and Replacements in Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath’s Leading VELUX Certified Installer

Common problems with VELUX Windows

We work with VELUX because they’re the single highest quality skylight window brand around. However, that doesn’t mean they always work perfectly – there are times when your windows may need repairs or replacing.

When it comes to getting work done on your windows, we highly recommend seeking a VELUX Certified Installer, like Sussex Roof Windows. We’ve been approved, trained and accredited by VELUX themselves to install their windows and products. In short, you can trust us.


All of our work is performed quickly and smoothly, and carries a 10 year guarantee with it. We’ve completed many, many VELUX repairs and replacements in and around Haywards Heath, and are also known for our work building bespoke lofts. If you want the best in VELUX repairs and replacements in Haywards Heath, get in contact – your home deserves nothing less.



Some issues you may experience with VELUX

VELUX products are of incredible quality, which means there are two main reasons you may experience issues with your windows – old age and bad installations. We’ll make recommendations for repair and/or replacement. Common issues include…

  • Wind and draughts from the windows.
  • Large amounts of condensation forming on the windows.
  • Leaky windows which can subsequently affect masonry and brickwork.
  • Poor gaskets meaning windows are stiff.
  • Problems with the window and mechanisms that prevent it from opening.
  • Improper insulation and consequential energy loss in your home.
  • Broken or worn seals which prevent the window from fully closing.
  • Stiff mechanisms elsewhere, which make the window difficult to open and close.
  • Cracks in or around the window panes, caused by frame warping or external damage.
  • Discolouration to the window or frame, typically caused by sun exposure.

Any of these sound familiar? The good news is that a repair or replacement is often simpler to perform than you may think, taking a matter of a few hours.

Giving VELUX in Haywards Heath some TLC

Typically our customers in Haywards Heath are looking to repair or replace VELUX windows due to one of the following reasons.

Poor quality installation

We trust VELUX products, but we don’t trust all installers. We’ve seen many, many bad installations in Haywards Heath which cause numerous problems. We can repair these.

Old VELUX or skylight windows

Sometimes it’s time for something new. Even VELUX will need replacing eventually. We can replace your VELUX simply and effectively.

Brand new technology

VELUX are rolling out amazing new technologies which make your life easier. You may choose to replace VELUX windows to take advantage of these.

Repairs and replacements in Haywards Heath

We offer all of our Haywards Heath customers free quotes when it comes to repairing or replacing your VELUX. Get in contact, and with just a few photos and a model number (if available) we’ll be able to get an estimate over quickly. When it comes to your final quote, unlike competitors, we will always visit your home first. That means we can be certain on our quote, and you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Why Sussex Roof Windows are the best choice for Haywards Heath

We’ve been doing loft conversions in Haywards Heath for over 15 years, and installed many, many VELUX windows in the process. We’re one of very few VELUX Certified Installers in the Haywards Heath area, meaning themselves trust us to do the job. Your windows are in safe hands.

About other skylight windows

Some of our customers in Haywards Heath have enquired about other skylight window installations, such as Roto, Keylite and FENSTRO. We choose to only work with VELUX for the simple reason that their products are far, far superior in quality. Anyone being honest would attest to that.

You may choose to replace your current rooflight window with VELUX because of some of the amazing new technology they’re rolling out. We’d be happy to speak to you about…

  • Amazing new insulation materials to make more efficient use of energy in your home.
  • High quality glasses which allows more sun and daylight into your home.
  • Electric and remote opening systems – have your windows open at the touch of a button.
  • Customisation options including finish, materials, colours and sizing.
  • Environmental sensors to adjust humidity and airflow.
  • Smart home technology which will ensure your VELUX window works on your behalf to provide comfort, ventilation and light as and when you want it.