Having problems with your VELUX windows? Our services are available in Newhaven

Repairs & replacements in Newhaven

VELUX repairs and replacements in Newhaven from a VELUX Certified Installer

Embark on a journey into skylight excellence with VELUX windows – the epitome of quality in the skylight realm. Even these superior windows may encounter the occasional hiccup, necessitating a touch of tender loving care or, in some cases, a complete replacement. Fear not, as Sussex Roof Windows stands as a beacon of reliability in Newhaven. As proud bearers of the VELUX Certified Installer title, we’ve earned the trust of VELUX itself to expertly handle their product installations.

Our commitment extends beyond mere installation; it’s a promise of non-disruptive craftsmanship backed by a reassuring 10-year guarantee. Having adorned numerous homes in and around Newhaven with our seamless installations, we invite you to experience the epitome of high-quality window fitting. If you’re seeking top-notch Newhaven VELUX replacements, trust Sussex Roof Windows to elevate your living space. Contact us today for unparalleled expertise in VELUX window installations and replacements.


A few common issues with VELUX windows…

Two primary factors may lead to issues with your windows – aging and poor installations. We’re here to provide recommendations for repair and/or replacement. Common problems include:


  1. Windy, draughty windows.
  2. Excessive condensation on the windows.
  3. Leaks around the window, posing a risk to masonry and walls.
  4. Stiff, clunky gaskets, hindering easy opening and closing.
  5. Other operational issues preventing the window from opening.
  6. Insulation problems leading to energy wastage.
  7. Flimsy and aged seals, causing improper window closure.
  8. Additional stiff mechanisms impeding window functionality.
  9. Cracks in or around the window pane.
  10. Discoloration and sun bleaching affecting the window and frame.


If these issues sound familiar, the good news is that repair or replacement is often more straightforward than you might imagine, often taking just a few hours to address.

Typical work that we do around Newhaven

We’ve fixed, repaired and replaced many VELUX windows in Newhaven. Our work tends to fall into three categories:

Fixing a bad VELUX install

The most common cause of VELUX problems is a previously poor installation. We are VELUX Certified, meaning we are experts in installs and carry 10-year guarantees on our work.

Replacing old skylight windows

Over time, both aging skylight windows and VELUX units may call for replacement. Count on us, your trusted VELUX Certified Installer, to ensure the job is executed with precision and expertise.


Updating your VELUX Technology

Consider upgrading your existing VELUX windows to harness the latest cutting-edge technology rolled out by VELUX. From enhanced insulation to integrated smart home features, our replacements bring innovation right to your windows.


If you're in Newhaven, get an estimate for your VELUX

In Newhaven, we extend complimentary estimates for repairing or replacing your VELUX windows. Simply share a few photos and the model number, and we’ll swiftly provide you with accurate assessments. What sets us apart from competitors in Newhaven is our commitment to transparency – we’ll always conduct a home visit before delivering a final quote, ensuring peace of mind without unexpected surprises.

What makes Sussex Roof Windows the best choice in Newhaven?

Prior to Sussex Roof Windows, we were a loft conversion company. Over the past 15 years, we’ve successfully executed numerous loft conversions in Newhaven, featuring the installation of a multitude of VELUX windows. Notably, we stand out as one of the few VELUX Certified Installers in the Newhaven area.

Why we exclusively work with VELUX windows

We’ve had some customers in Newhaven ask us about other skylight installations, such as Roto, Keylite and FENSTRO. We choose to only work with VELUX for a simple reason – they’re the only product we trust not to go wrong. When it comes to quality, they’re second-to-none. What’s more, VELUX are actively rolling out some fantastic new technologies that might make that replacement even more appealing. These include…

  • State-of-the-art insulation technology to ensure better energy use within your home.
  • High quality glass which allows more daylight in.
  • Remote and electric opening systems – have your windows open in just the touch of a button.
  • Increased levels of customisations, from the sizing to the colour scheme and materials used.
  • Environmental systems to allow for better airflow, sun-screening and ventilation.
  • Brand new smart home technology, helping you to manage ventilation, light, humidity and more without even having to think about it.