VELUX repairs and replacements for Lewes

VELUX Certified Installer in Lewes

Having some problems with your VELUX windows?

Having some issues with your VELUX windows? We’re here to help. We’re a VELUX Certified Installer in Lewes, and we make VELUX repairs and replacements painless. They’re non-disruptive and carry a 10 year guarantee. With several hundred VELUX windows installed, we’ll treat your home like its our own.




Common VELUX Problems

VELUX are the best windows on the market, but they’re not without problems if they’re badly installed or old. These are a few problems that commonly crop up…

  • Draughty windows allowing in air.
  • Excessive condensation forming on windows.
  • Water leaks which can, over time, damage masonry and walls.
  • Gaskets that have stiffened up and prevent you from opening and closing the window.
  • Numerous issues which result in the window not opening.
  • Poor insulation resulting in energy loss and wastage from your home.
  • Poor quality and deteriorated seals around the window which prevent it from properly closing.
  • Other stiffened mechanisms prevent opening and closing.
  • Cracks to the window panes.
  • Discolouration to the window and frames.

Any of these problems sound familiar? We can help by repairing or replacing your VELUX in Lewes.

Giving VELUX in Lewes some TLC

Typically our customers in Lewes are looking to repair or replace VELUX windows due to one of the following reasons.

Poor quality installation

We trust VELUX products, but we don’t trust all installers. We’ve seen many, many bad installations in Lewes which cause numerous problems. We can repair these.

Old VELUX or skylight windows

Sometimes it’s time for something new. Even VELUX will need replacing eventually. We can replace your VELUX simply and effectively.

Brand new technology

VELUX are rolling out amazing new technologies which make your life easier. You may choose to replace VELUX windows to take advantage of these.

Providing free estimates for VELUX repairs and replacements in Lewes

We’re offering customers in Lewes free estimates for VELUX repairs and replacements. In fact, with a few photos and a model number, we can get these to you really quickly. Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t provide a final quote until we’ve actually visited your home – we don’t want there to be any unnecessary nasty surprises.

Why Sussex Roof Windows are the best choice in Lewes

We’ve been completing loft conversions in Lewes for over 15 years, and installed many, many VELUX windows in the process. We’re one of very few VELUX Certified Installers in the Lewes area, meaning they themselves trust us to do the job. Your windows are in safe hands.

Why we only use VELUX products

Some of our customers have asked us about other rooflight and skylight windows such as FENSTRO, Keylite and Roto. We choose to use VELUX for the simple reason that their loft windows are the best on the market. We’re also excited by the many new technologies that VELUX are rolling out with their products. These include…

  • New insulation technology and materials which keep your home warmer.
  • A range of customisation options, so you can choose the size, finish, glazing and more for your windows.
  • Premium quality glass, allowing maximum daylight into your home.
  • Environmental systems which optimise ventilation and sun-screening.
  • Electric and remote opening, so you can have your windows controlled with the touch of a button.
  • New smart home technologies – your windows will modify light, airflow, humidity and more to ensure maximum comfort.